What are the benefits of having someone come out and do a treatment for me?
Our technicians are professionals with experience in pest management therefore they are able to accurately and effectively control your pest problem better than DIY solutions with longer lasting results. 

Are the DIY products available the same as the ones technicians would use in a treatment? 
Not always. Our technicians are licenced to be able to use products which are not available to the general public, which work more effectively on eradicating your pests.

Do I have to vacate the house during treatments?
For interior spray treatments we advise that all pets and family members vacate the premise for 4 hours. For exterior treatments, there is no need to vacate your home, as long as all windows and doors remain closed.

Are the products safe for my family and pets? 
Yes, our products are safe around pets but as a precaution we ask that pets are kept away from treated areas until it is completely dry. We will advise precautions for you when spraying takes place. The product is deadly to cold blooded creatures so fish, turtles, lizards and other such pets should be covered or removed from the premises completely.

I have children, will the treatment be safe for them? 
Yes, as soon as the product is dry it is safe for children and pets.

Does your spider treatment work for white tail spiders?
Yes it does – you will need to treat both the interior and exterior

Can I clean windows after the treatment?
Yes. Cleaning windows is best done AFTER treatment as we cannot guarantee there will be no overspray on windows. Window and door frames are important fly & spider resting areas and therefore need to be treated, which may produce a light mist on window edges. This can be removed by wiping with a dry cloth.

Do your fly treatments stop flies flying into my house or business?
No it doesn’t! If you want to stop flies entering your home or business you need to put up some form of barrier, however, flies need to land on the treated surface in order for them to die.

I have recently had my house painted, is a treatment still able to be conducted?
No, we will not spray on a newly painted surface. We can spray 12 weeks after painting.

How long will it take for rodents to die after they have eaten the bait? 
Approximately 4-7 days after eating the bait.