Ants can be a real pain, and can invade your home and cause destruction to walls and wiring etc.. If their nest is disturbed or food and water become scarce you will start to notice annoying ant trails to any food they can find in your home.

It is important to remember that effective ant control can be difficult. If you have ants so will your neighbours. Ants from your neighbours property will eventually spread back to your place. We have treatment options to maintain ant control at your place even if your neighbours do nothing about their ants. 

While a wide range of do it yourself products are available for ants, effective control requires a professional pest control service to gain control and prevent recurrence. The ants behaviour and habits will also effect the type of treatment required. Different species of ants prefer different types of food, some ants require protein, while others prefer carbohydrates. Our technicians are experts at carrying out inspections and understanding the importance of knowing exactly what and how to deal with ants.